AZ Lakes AZ Pros Dan Westfall Jerry Loughranat

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AZ Lakes, AZ Pros: Dan Westfall, Jerry Loughranat At Apache Lake

Big Fish And Big Money Can Come On Crankbaits

AZ Lakes AZ Pros Dan Westfall Jerry Loughranat
Loughran At Apache
Photo Courtesy Bernard Gagnon

When water temperatures start to go down and lake levels begin to rise, crankbait time is here again. Fish start moving up and getting a lot more active, and one of the best ways to find them is to start cranking around the same places you found them during the summer, but shallower.Long points that have good drop-offs to deeper water are prime early-fall areas.

Fishing Legend Danny Westfall Re: Crankbaits

Fishing crankbaits is easy, but still requires some effort and attention. You have to learn to feel a crankbait while you’re fishing it, says fishing legend Danny Westfall, because a lot of times the fish just barely tick it. Some people like fiberglass rods for crankbaits because they have a lot of give to them, but others prefer a graphite rod so they get a better feel for the bites.  …  More


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