Florida Fishing Report – Capt. Alan Sherman’s Fall Fishing Report


Florida Fishing ReportIt’s been quite some time since my last fishing report! The truth is that there wasn’t a lot to report until now! I have been fishing and have had some very good catches in North Bay, offshore and in Bimini but until now I wasn’t that excited about trying to get someone that interested in trying their luck in Miami. With the green/blue algae bloom taking place along the Treasure Coast and the Red Tide on the West Coast and lack of sea grasses and small amounts of baitfish in North Bay and a late season snook spawn in Flamingo it was difficult to sit down and write a report that I would want you to read. But that has changed! As we speak small groups of Finger Mullet and a few schools of large mullet have moved into our area.

Shadowing the mullet schools are large slot size snook, tarpon, sharks, large jack crevalles and sea trout. A few weeks ago, we had a school of Spanish mackerel move into the bay. This is my favorite time of the year to fish. Not only will these fish eat a frisky Finger Mullet or large pilchard these fish will quickly grab a Rapala artificial or soft plastic attached to a Hookup lure jig head. There are dolphin fish out in the blue water offshore. Lots of bonitos and blackfin tuna, a few sailfish and kingfish along the reef. In Flamingo snook, redfish, tripletail, snapper and sea trout are biting. In South Bay snappers and groupers are starting to school
up in the Finger Channels.

As I said before, this is my most favorite time of the year to fish. It should be yours as well. So, don’t waste time! Make time to get out and take advantage of the great South Florida fishing we are about to have.

Miami Fishing Forecast

Fall is here and the fishing in South Florida is about to explode. With water temperatures rising sea trout and snook will start their spawning seasons. Bigger fish and bigger numbers of fish! Spanish mackerel, bluefish and kingfish are heading north for the summer. As they pass the Miami area they always provide a months’ worth of action. Big jack crevalles will be
chasing baitfish schools in North Bay and big tarpon will be stealing baits intended for other fish. Offshore we will see kingfish and Spanish mackerel, bonitos, sailfish, dolphins and blackfin tuna feeding right alongside each other. In Flamingo in Everglades National Park we will see
the return of all of the migratory birds as they fill the park and make unbelievable sunrise pictures. Fishing for snook, redfish, sheepshead, blackdrum, snapper, sea trout, jacks ladyfish, sharks, tripletail, cobia and more will be as e exciting light tackle fishing as one could wish for.

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