Marina Industry On The Brink Of Institutionalization?!

Is The Marina Industry on the Brink of Institutionalization?!

In the 1980s the snow skiing industry went through a major transition in the traditional business model. It began with many ski areas recognizing that their customers wanted more than a pure mountain skiing experience.
First, individual operations began bringing “in house” and refining their guest services, restaurants, retail stores, ski rentals, and expanding other resort amenities. This shifting strategy continued with the consolidation of the individual resorts’ management and ownership by a number of new emerging mountain resort conglomerates.
The marina industry has slowly but surely been going through a similar transition in the traditional business model over the past twenty years, and is now consolidating from “family-owned” operations to a few “institutionally-owned” marina management companies growing rapidly today.
Baxter Underwood, President & CEO, Safe Harbors Marinas, will present an informative seminar session discussing the “Implications of Marina Industry Institutionalization” at this year’s MRA Conference. What are the challenges and opportunities of consolidation for all industry stakeholders? What can boaters, guests, vendors, and marina professionals anticipate from this evolving business landscape? These important thought provoking considerations, and more, will be covered in-depth by Mr. Underwood on Tuesday, October 23rd at 2:15 pm.
The 2018, 47th Annual MRA Educational Conference & Trade Show will run for three days (October 22 – 24) with more than thirty educational seminars and special presentations, and an expansive Trade Show featuring more than fifty industry vendors and services . . . all taking place at the beautiful Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront Resort, and open to all registered members and non-members.
This year’s Conference theme will be People, Purpose, and Passion – The Pathway to Success. The marine industry is emerging today into a world of possibilities and potential. By focusing our passion and people on shared purposes we can all create a steady path to successfully navigate the challenges ahead.


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