Nova Luxe Yachts

Nova Luxe Yachts invites you to the quietest launch party you’ll likely ever attend. On June 1 at the Westshore Yacht Club in Tampa, it’s debuting its first offering, the all-electric Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe. Unlike any other luxury yacht on the market, this Torqeedo-powered catamaran won’t rumble and vibrate to life, spewing diesel fumes over the transom. Instead, it’ll silently pull away from its slip with only a gentle wake as a testament to its movement.

New York-based Nova Luxe Yachts is a singularly unique company. It takes new 35′-50′ power catamarans and converts them to electric propulsion.

Quieter than a sailboat, the Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe is boating as it should be: a means to connect with the natural elements without contributing to their demise. Torqeedo Deep Blue motors are powered by BMW i3 batteries, and charged by a substantial rooftop solar panel array and small generator. It’ll cruise at 7.5 mph for over 1,250 miles without any need to stop for fuel or generating climate-changing emissions.

The launch of the Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe marks a turning point in the marine industry. Will you be a part of it? Contact or 847-662-9070 to make arrangements.

If you can’t make the launch party, can we set up an interview for you? Company president Marc Hawxhurst is happy to share his thoughts on the future of luxury cruising and the Aquila 44 by Nova Luxe’s prominent place in it.

June 1, 10 am to 5 pm, Westshore Yacht Club, 6003 Beacon Shores St, Tampa


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