Beckson Vent Top Deck Plate

Hot, stuffy cabins and cuddies can be unpleasant places to spend any amount of time. With the 6″ Vent Top Deck Plate from Beckson Marine, it’s easy to cool boat interiors on warm summer days and provide a flow of fresh air at night while sleeping. And when ventilation is no longer needed, the cowl vent quickly removes to be replaced with an included solid smooth center plate.

Beckson Vent Top Deck Plate
Deck Plate Cools Hot, Stuffy Boats

The Beckson Vent Top Deck Plate is manufactured in the USA from durable UV-resistant white ASA plastic, and comes in screw-out and pry-out models. Each cowl vent has an angled lip to prevent water from entering without affecting airflow and is offered in 1-3/4″ low-rise or 3″ high-rise versions. The watertight smooth center plate is available in white or clear.

To install, the 8-1/8″ OD ring mounts with six #8 pan head screws or thru-bolts onto a 6-1/2″ cutout. MSRP for the Beckson Marine 6″ Vent Top Deck Plate starts at $107.35.

Contact local dealers or Beckson Marine, 165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605.


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